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Install Joomla Quickstart Package 3

We always recommend installing a Quickstrat Pack first to trial and understand the template more effectively. It must be installed as new, and not over an existing Joomla install. The installation version we provide in Riana for all our clients is accomplished and swift, the Quickstart, identical to the one presented in our demo page template. The procedure is simple and easy like a normal installation of Joomla! 3, containing all the extensions used in the template, their corresponding settings, contents, positions of modules and menus. There are two alternative ways of uploading and extracting Quickstart package:

In this article we explain to you how you can perform the default Quickstart by the following steps.

Get the Quickstart files

First of all you have to get the files from Themeforest download area and save it in your computer. Now you have to extract the file identified as Quickstart locally. After it is done, all files,necessary to perform this type of installation, are included.

Export of files by Cpanel

Your next step is to export all the files into the directory of your website where you want to install your new Joomla! template through your FTP software. The duration of the export depends on the uploading speed of your connection or your server configuration.

Then you choose the option "Upload" from the top menu and select downloaded .zip file from your local hard disk. If everything goes right you should see a small uploading progress bar on the right bottom of your browser.

After you have completed the uploaded process you need to go back to file list view, select the uploaded package and choose the option "Extract" from the top menu. Cpanel application should ask about the place you want to extract your files. You can use root of your server or subdirectory.

Preparing your database

Now you need to create a new database to be used in the installation of your new Joomla! website. Therefore, access the control panel provided by your host and create a new database.

Then make a user account assigned to the new database with full permissions control over this. So it is time to start Quickstart installation.

Start Installation (You can see the explanation of the below field from here)

Open your browser at the directory you are going to perform the installation.

Database Configuration

You will need to enter the information about the database you will use for Joomla! now. It was suggested to write this information down under "Prepare for Install" tab. You may also read or review Creating a Database for Joomla!.

Finalise and Install with Sample Data

It is now time to finalise the Joomla! installation. The last page of the web brower installation contains all the information about the installation. This includes the options(at the top) for installing sample data and the installation's configurations(at the bottom).

Checking Your Configurations

If everything is in order, you will see the install at the top of the overview page. If not, this is the place to check and see what may be causing an issue.

Success and Finishing Up the Installation

Well done! You have succeeded and completing the installation. But you must now remove or rename the installation folder.

After this step, click "Site" button to visit the homepage of your new website.

Home Page - Module Positions

riana module position

Layout Configuration and Template Manager

Before starting with Riana please take a look with the power of T3V3 framework and its Layout Configuration.

T3 Documenation with video link

Here is the documenation link of T3 Framework.

At a glance video of T3 framework

Thank You

Once again, thank you so much for purchasing this template. As I said at the beginning, I'd be glad to help you if you have any questions relating to this template. If you have a more general question relating to the template on ThemeForest, you might consider to mail at [email protected]

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