• Do you provide documentation and support?

    Yes. Template and Framework documentation are publicly available on website. and Also Comes with template/themes bundle. 
  • How to install quickstart pack?

    The installation process of quickstart pack are describe at our tutorial section. But do not worry it’s very similar to standard Joomla installation process – just select to install demo data.
  • Can I use iThemesLab templates for my clients?

    Yes, you are free to use our templates or modules to build websites for one single domain. We love providing developers with beautiful and functional design choices for their clients!
  • How long do I have support access?

    Template and extensions support is provided for forever.
  • Can your templates be used in different languages?

    Yes. All of our templates and quickstarts are translation-ready, with all languages supported.
  • Do your templates work with mobile devices?

    All of new our templates display beautifully on mobile devices. We also have a growing number of templates that are specifically designed to be “mobile responsive”, allowing your theme to automatically adapt to any mobile device on the market.
  • Can I change the colors of my website?

    Some basic changes can be made also from template/theme setting. But in general all colors on iThemsLab theme/templates are controlled with CSS. If you plan on customizing your site colors beyond those you will need to know a bit of CSS.
  • Can I remove the copyright from the footer?

    Yes, you are perfectly free to remove or modify the ithemeslab.com copyright (or logo) information in the footer; the only area you may not remove our copyright is from the code itself, which will not be visible to your users.
  • Can I modify the source code?

    Of course, you can almost edit or modify any part of the template/theme that you like including copyright note at the template footer, text, images, javascript or CSS code ect. But there are some limitations to this part. You cannot modify or delete our copyright code from the source files.
  • Is it possible to resell Joomla! templates / Wordpress themes?

    The reselling of all or part of our Joomla! templates or WordPress themes is strictly prohibited.
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